Dr. Sankowski clinic offers a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive services, such as:

Face lifting

Face lifting is designed to eliminate excess skin, reduce wrinkles.

Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement is aimed at obtaining a size of breasts that fit the patient.


Modelling arms by removing loose skin and extracting adipose tissue.


Liposuction is aimed at getting rid of excess adipose tissue stored locally, in a situation when sport or various massages do not give any results.


The nasal correction is an operation that improves the shape and often imprving its functioning.


The plastic of upper and lower eyelids is designed to eliminate excess skin from upper and lower eyelids, and so called “under-eye pouches”.


The procedure of gynaecomastia is aimed at removing abnormal tissue and restoring correct, male shape of the chest.


Breast lifts are designed to improve the shape of the breast, improve the patient’s well-being and self-esteem, and tighten the bust.

Varices Treatment

The operation of varicose veins is performed not only because of the aesthetic, but also because of the varicose veins leading to various complications.


The aim of the procedure is to improve the appearance of the ears and give them the correct position.


Removal of excess skin and adipose tissue

Adipose Tissue Grafting

Adipose tissue grafting is intended to correct the figure, give it a beautiful shape, model it by suction of the adipose tissue in places where there is too much of it, and transplanting it to flat areas where appropriate curves are needed.


The procedure is aimed at narrowing the vagina, improving the quality of intercourse and preventing the infection of the genital organs.


The aim of the procedure is to reduce the inner labia, which in turn is to eliminate discomfort that accompanies the sexual intercourse, or in other everyday matters, e. g. cycling, or even walking.